NNL AGM 2015

Steiner Premier Winners  Wila Lighting

Division 1 Winners
 The Newbury 3

Division 2 Winners

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The 2015/2016 Season was another fantastic season – NNL continues to shine, not only for our friendliness, but also for the standard of our netball and umpires, our participation in numerous charitable events and our commitment to improving and expanding the opportunity to play netball for all in Berkshire.
At this years AGM we voted in a new rule which has been added to the Newbury Netball League Rules which can be found here

The development of the league, its players and its umpires is a continuing high priority for the committee and we will continue to build on our relationship with the facilities team at our current venue, to drive the changes we believe are needed to support the NNL now and in the future.

2014/2015 AGM

2014/2015 Winter Season

Steiner Premier  Winners - Wila Lighting
Division 1 Winners - Newbury 3
Division 2 Winners - Rushmoor

Steiner Premier Runners up - PCFS
Division 1 Runners up - The Bowlers Arms
Division 2 - Jets Orange


Steiner Premier - Nikki Manwaring - Sony Xtra
Division 1 - Anna Cassell - Gardner Leader
Division 1 - Natalie Tucker - The Bowlers Arms
Division 2 - Katie Madge - Rushmoor


KATIE MADGE - Rushmoor

2015 Summer Season

Steiner Premier Winners - Wila Lighting
Division 1 Winners - Hungerford Extra

Steiner Premier Runners up - PCFS
Division 1 Runners up - David Wilson Homes
AGM Minutes